The biggest event of the association Smash on Sud is back and even bigger !

The MARS 2017 is a 3 days long event happening the 29-30 April and 1st of May, in the beautiful port city Marseille. Taking advantage of the public holiday on Monday, we offer you an event gathering three tournaments on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U along with a singles and doubles tournaments on the Gamecube title, Super Smash Bros. Melee. After a huge success last year, Smash on Sud now goes into overdrive to guarantee a new edition even bigger than the previous one : new partnerships, community polls, and increazing the player cap of both tournaments : We're now talking about 160 players for the 1V1 Wii U and 64 players for the 1V1 Melee !

Smash on Sud is the reference association in south of France to play Super Smash Bros competitively. It's managed by a team of enthusiasts always ready to do the maximum to offer quality events to their community.

The MARS 2017 is organized in collaboration with the CRIJ Provence-Alpes as well as many other partners who will help us make this event a new huge success. The CRIJ Provence-Alpes venue will allow us to receive more than 200 people and to guarantee the comfort of the players via numerous sofa and snacks & drinks dispensers.